Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sweet Words

Last night our Parents as Teachers educator came for her monthly visit.  During these visits, she always brings an activity and we talk toddlers for an hour.  This month's visit included a shape, color, question activity.  Eli would spin the spinner which would give him a direction like 'find a triangle' or 'find a blue shape.'  He would then pick a matching shape from the floor and would answer the question written on the shape.  Here were some of my favorites...
What makes you sad?  E:  Umm....thunder.  (SO true right now)
What do you like to drink?  E:  Milk
Who lives on a farm?  E:  Horse
What do you do with your food?  E:  Um...make a mess (Touche)
What does a cat say?  E:  Meow, meow, meow.
And then this happened....
What makes you happy?  E:  My mommy, my daddy make me happy. 

Oh sweet boy.  Right back at ya. 

In hindsight, maybe he was just buttering us up.  Because he woke up FOUR times last night.  Not cool kid.  You sleep, we sleep, that's just what we do in this family.  But even in my sleepiness this morning, I am so eternally thankful for a happy, healthy little boy who knows he is loved unconditionally by his mama and daddy. 

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  1. Ok this made me tear up!! But for real, he's showing some mad skills! Answering a variety of "wh" questions. This SLP "auntie" is impressed!